Just Updated my phone to 2e_16

I’m not sure what the update accomplished. My phone will still reboot for no reason from time to time. The bluetooth connection between my phone and my car when I make a call while driving is still terrible. My email apps close randomly. My camera still takes it’s sweet time while focusing.
Anyone notice that the big update is pretty much a dud?

Hi @nmp222 - the Bluetooth connection should have improved. Could you do the following:

  1. Goto Settings > App & Notifications > See All apps. Select the option to “Show system apps” . Then search for “Bluetooth”. Goto Bluetooth app and Clear Storage & Cache.

  2. Remove all existing Bluetooth connections if not removed already and pair them again.

Regarding the phone restarts and apps closing randomly - seems like a phone cache/state issue. Best would be to do a backup, factory reset and restore. This will also reset your Bluetooth connections.

I followed your steps about clearing the cache and storage and removing and re-establishing all bluetooth connections. Really didn’t seem to help much.

To do a backup, reset, and restore is more than I am willing to do. I shouldn’t have to do that. It’s time consuming and you risk losing data. Is there a cleaner app that you could recommend? Similar to the ones they have for desk tops.

You could try one of the apps from this article. If you would rather use open source, then this one comes up.

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