Koodo WiFi calling

Has anyone had any success with wifi calling on Koodo in Canada? I have confirmed with Koodo that it is active on my account but I can’t seem to get it to work with my teracube 2E. I have VoLTE working great.

Any suggestions for APN or other settings that might help this?
Thanks everyone!

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Just to confirm - you enabled VoWifi in the Network & internet settings and it is still showing VoLTE? Could you share screenshot of your settings please.

Yes I can confirm I have wifi calling on. Even when I set it to default to over wifi, it still won’t make a wifi call. Any suggestions you have are appreciated. Thanks very much Sharad.!


Thanks for the screenshots. How do you know it’s using Volte and not Vowifi? Do you see Volte icon when you drag down the notification area?

Yes exactly. It’s showing just the VoLTE symbol and not the VoWifi. Thanks again

Maybe another Koodo users have to pitch in. I just saw that they have a very specific list of devices that are compatible with their Vowifi setup. Also their instructions talk about accepting some “Terms and conditions” while enabling Vowifi which I am not sure if are supported on 2e.


Ok thank you for your help. Much appreciated!

I just called Koodo, I am surprised you even got VoLTE. They said they will not activate VoLTE or VoWifi for me as Teracube is not on their list of “certified devices”.

I am still unable to get koodo Wifi calling or VoLTE up and running. They use the same network (and compatibility list) as Telus. @Sharad is there any way that teracube could apply to be put on their list of certified devices like you did with AT&T in the US?

Hi @campbell - it seems VoLTE should work as the original user posted. Wifi calling may not be possible unless Koodo opens it up. Working with carriers is very tricky and is not feasible in all cases especially for a new brand.

ps: Here is a link to their APN settings.

@Corvis - could you post screenshots of your APN settings. Do you still have working VoLTE?

Unfortunately VoLTE doesn’t work for me. I called them about it and they said they will only activate VoLTE for SIMs in devices on their compatibility list. It is possible that Corvis already had a SIM card that had been activated for VoLTE from another phone.

I did check my APN settings and they match what is given on the site you linked to.

They would certainly leave out lots of BYOD customers with that kind of strategy. VoLTE is a universal 3GPP standard that almost all carriers and devices follow - so any smartphone should work with any carrier. But some carriers continue to be ridden with old “gated” methods.