Launcher bug - swiping app pages frequently causes notification drawer to fly down

What launcher is even used on this thing? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sync with Google backup (ugh), it has no context menu to identify itself (ugh), and it has a very frustrating bug that somehow triggers the notification drawer to fly down when making a side-swiping gesture to page through launcher pages.

More than a few times now, I’ve swiped pages then tapped or swiped again, only to find my second action landing on the now pulled notification panel - and my phone tossed on the floor. Using a phone is always a high anxiety activity because the interface is already high friction, but now it’s actively fighting the thing I’m trying to get done and causing more problems.

Can y’all get with whoever made that launcher and … either fix it, offer an option to disable that unwanted notification bar interaction (why would I ever, ever want the notification bar to be pulled down from the home screen, in a different way than it’s accessible from apps?), or choose a different launcher?

currently using nova launcher on the one here.

Yes - this is a known issue as of now. We will fix it in some time. Please use an alternate launcher for now as mentioned in the below thread.

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