Limiting Battery Charge

I set an upper charge limit (Settings - Battery Charging Limit on - Charging Limit Value - 80%), connected the 2e to a usb A charger with an A to C cable and went to bed. Got up this morning and found a 100% charge. So what did I do wrong?

I just tried setting the limit to 50% and so far it’s staying there while plugged in. Will check overnight as well. Any other users who are using this feature?

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I found out that the charger used makes a difference. The overnight charge I originally posted about was done with a usb charger that came with a amazon Fire tablet. Today, my 2e was at ~ 60% so I attached it to a charger that came with a Samsung SMT 550 tablet and the charge limiting worked perfectly. So problem solved. The Samsing charger is a couple of years newer, so maybe that makes a difference.
Update - I tried charging using a charger that came with a Fire new in Dec 2020. It came with an A to C cable for what it’s worth. This one also worked with the charge limiter. I did note that if I powered down, the charge light on the 2e went off…

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