Linux distro on Teracube phones?


Is there any thought of a genuinely fully-de-Goolaged Teracube phone, meaning one not running Android at all but a Linux device distro?

The Pinephone people are doing this and are shipping phones running Linux phone distros which sound at least basically functional. It sounds like the various distros are still at alpha stage, but possibly some are beta.

The current 2e hardware and firmware is probably fully capable: one good thing Goolag did was create an abstracted interface standard , so any software using these interfaces to wifi etc will work. In theory.

No effort has started yet as far as I know. It would be cool to have a linux port :slight_smile: .


If you got in touch with some of the phone distros (Manjaro might be a good start), I think they might be very helpful. If you take a look at the PinePhone project, they have a whole list of distros that run on their phones; I think Manjaro is what they are shipping.

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I’d probably go PostMarketOS (Alpine Linux) just because that’s what I run on my personal Linux machines, but I have not tested it on TeraCube_One yet.


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