Live AMA with Teracube Founders (Tuesday June 23rd at 6pm PDT)

As some of you might have read in our email, we are doing a live AMA coming Tuesday (June 23rd) at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT). Anthony and I will be talking our journey so far, working from home and fielding your lovely questions :slight_smile:. Would love for you folks to join and chitchat.

(You can set a reminder for the event by going there now)


Counting down - we will be live in 20 mins :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who joined us today and for being a great sport despite the audio-video fiasco in the youtube live. Apologies for that. We did do a dry run before but alas… :slight_smile:. Better one next time for sure.

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Could you repost the video (or enable replay of the live video) for those of us on different timezones? Thanks. :slight_smile:

We are trying to bring up an audio-only version. Will post here if we are able to do it.