Looking for case for a TeraCube 2E (Ontario)

I own two cases for my TeraCube E, but neither is in good condition.

The (newish) green one has become unacceptably stained and discoloured, just through normal usage – apparently a light colour is not a good choice for an item that gets taken in and out of my purse a lot!

And the original, sturdy black one has actually broken at one corner, by the camera opening. (Presumably that area is always an Achilles heel?)

I just assumed I could buy a new one – but in the Shop section of the site, it looks like such a thing is permanently out of stock. And it looks like nobody is offering a case for sale here either.

Does anybody know if a case for one if the other models might also fit a 2E?

Thank you,
Antonia (in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

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We are looking into stock in the Canada region:

We are out of stock of the Black case, but the original Gray case has some stock in CA. https://myteracube.com/products/teracube-2e-original-gray-case?variant=39527373766705

Thanks, Sharad – I was able to buy one of those, so my problem is solved!

Just FYI, I only used my original (black) case for a year or so – from Feb 2021 (when I first got my new Teracube phone) until Sept 2022, when I got one of the new green cases (which, FYI, is way too tight-fitting).

So the black case only lasted about a year and half … doctor, is this normal?!

Curious (but grateful for the new case),


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