Loss of LTE after latest S/W update to 1.12.3

Updated to 1.12.3-r-2023061429963 7-stable-zirconia
I now get a blinking notification light.
I checked System Settings and I see that mobile network APN’s are missing and I see a message that “Access Point settings are not available for this user”.

I reentered the APN settings manually, and I get the same results.

Phone still works and I can send/receive texts. I pulled the SIM card and put into a known working Google Android phone and the LTE is working. I replace the SIM card back into the teracube phone and I see that LTE is not working. It was working before the update. I’m on Union Wireless here in Wyoming USA.

So, it looks like I have no Internet access via LTE. Everything else looks okay.

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Did a lot of troubleshooting last night and this morning.

To amuse myself I decided to try a complete reset, wiping all the data.
This resulted in clearing the blinking notification dot which was driving me crazy. The reset obviously cleared out a lot of other stuff as well.

Let’s just get to the LTE problem. I went back into the mobile settings for the APN and reentered known settings. They would not stick. Then I realized they were not being saved. Hitting the three dots in the upper right revealed the SAVE option. Duh! It also helped to have the correct APN settings as well. Too much time between visiting these settings and remembering to SAVE the changes. So, after recovering from a bit of ignorance (brain fart mode), the LTE was restored. YAY! The last APN settings I had were also NOT UP TO DATE. I compared the old settings to the new ones on my working Google phone and found the differences. After making the corrections, it’s all copacetic now. Helps to keep notes up to date. Had I reentered and saved the correct APN settings, would it have cleared the blinking dot light? I don’t know, but I will update my notes in case this happens again.

There were a few other oddities that occurred with this update, but I suspect they were cleared with a complete reset. I appear to be back in business.

Hope this post helps other folks wallowing in despair.

So, the upgrade wiped my APN settings and that’s when things spun out of control.


Sorry you got bit by that, but great troubleshooting, and thanks for leaving a Solution for folks to reference :slight_smile:

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