Magnify screen easter egg?

A moment ago I was looking at a normal post from a person on facebook. My right thumb touched something around the middle of the right edge of the screen and the screen immediately magnified. It took me by surprise and I moved my thumb immediately although not to restore the size and now I can not replicate the effect. Can anyone tell me what I did and how to repeat it etc.?

You may have magnify with triple tap turned on (settings/accessibility/magnification)

no I don’t have it turned on

Our settings have a “Magnify with button” setting as well under Accessibility > Magnify. Maybe that was enabled for you?

I am aware of that but this is different. It seems random and seems like it has something to do with me touching right side edge but I can not do it on purpose. I can’t find how to use face unlock either.

Let us know if you figure out what causes the magnify to work.

Here is a thread on how to get face unlock working - Face unlock is the title