Metro by T-Mobile SIM not reading

I just took my new Teracube in to Metro by T-Mobile, but when they inserted the SIM card, the phone would not read it, and acted as if the phone were locked or otherwise incompatible. I know Teracube should work with Metro, so has anyone else had this or similar issues, and how might I go about getting it resolved?
-Wyatt Greenwood

Hi Wyatt. We had the same experience in our testing - a new MetroPCS SIM did not work initially. The associate then simply registered the phone’s IMEI and low and behold - the SIM started working.

Her suggestion is to call in their support if you already have a Metro SIM or visit a store and let them know that this is a new Brand and it is fully compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T. They will need your IMEI number (on the box and/or on the back of the phone sticker).

Let us know if you still run into any issues.

Hi Sharad,
Thanks for the response. I’ll be sure to let the sales associates know about this when I take the phone back to the store tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you updated here on the results.

Thanks again!
-Wyatt Greenwood

Popping in late, but when I dropped by Metro while switching, the sales associate did mention that you have to reach support and let them know the IMEI number when switching; they mentioned it was a security thing that they require (I assume just in case someone steals your phone and tries to put your SIM card into their phone).

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Took the phone back in to Metro today and they set it up very quickly and without issue!

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Have you heard anything about this for other carriers like AT&T or Vodafone?

If not, then I can report back on Vodafone at least once I get my phone

AT&T works out of the box. We have not tested Vodafone though. Which country are you based in?

I’m American but I live in Spain for work