Mini Review of the Teracube 2e

OK guys,

Have been using the 2e for some time and it’s time for a mini review.

First of all, I am coming from a Google Nexus 6P (3 GB RAM, once a flagship 2015, now on Lineage OS and Carbon ROM for years, loved it, no custom rom updates anymore). I was looking for a device which seems suitable for the custom rom community, like the Fairfone, and has a replaceble battery, because I hated replacing the battery in the 6P. The 2e seemed to be a promising option.

And I have to say, it very much is!

I think Teracube made some very clever design choices with the 2e. It is very affordable, which makes it interesting enough for people like myself, who like tech and like to give a new concept a try. It will also attract people, who look for a “green” phone and do not want to pay as much as for a Fairfone. And it might be a valuable option for open source fans, like myself, who tend to use their phones for a long time and hope to be able to so, because they can easily replace the battery and possibly other parts when needed.

With all this in mind, I can cope with a camera that is decent, but not top notch. In paritucluar, if the performance of the device is more than good enough, like it is for me with the 2e. I am using outlook for email and calendar, Todo from Microsoft, Onedrive, banking apps, apps of insurers, youtube, a cusual game once in a while and quite a lot of other stuff. It all works flawless with the 4 GB RAM installed. One could always complain, if one wanted the most of what is possible in terms of performance. But with today’s phones on the market, this would also mean a lot more money involved. And you do not want to fidle with a 600,- USD device as much as do with a 199,- USD device, do you. So which one is more fun?

I applaude teracube’s founders for their absolute courage and creativity to enter the smartphone market as a start up company in the first place. To be brave enough try this at all seems close to madness at least in my opinion, which makes their move even more commendable. And I think they might actually have a chance to succeed with what the one and 2e are, and if it was only to be taken over at some later point in time and integreate their strategy into one of the big companies’.

That’s it from me for today. Apologies for any mistakes, I am not a native speaker.

Greetings to the team of Teracube, stay brave, keep going!

Thank you.