Mint and 2e, Not Receiving Calls

I get no ringtone and no alert that i have a voicemail. Texts seem fine, rarely a failure to send. Data is ok (all checked with wifi off).

I’m just wondering if there are some more settings i should check.

I have power cycled the phone and reseated the sim card a couple of times.

Posted in the /e/os community but there hasn’t been much engagement there, so I have had a couple of chats with Mint tech support. One agent had me switch to 2g, which disconnected us.

I uninstalled the visual voicemail app, the second agent had me enter a code to stop forwarding voicemails.

After looking at a couple of threads here, Wifi calling is switched off.

Not sure what else to try, Mint is escalating my customer service ticket.

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Did the agents from Mint verify your APN settings?

They did not. I understand from a quick search that those are published, if I find them online, are they reliable?

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That’s odd… Should have been the first thing they did for you.

These are from Mint, so let’s hope they are reliable :rofl:

Not expressly needed, but maybe reboot the phone after you set up the new APN settings.

Thank you Saijin_Naib. Another odd thing, the device seems to have latched onto our Dish TV device during setup and created some settings around that. Most of Mint’s suggested inputs here are blank. The phone will not save my new settings. Will keep trying.

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Ended up restoring defaults, I end up with two T-Mobile options. If I select one of those, I can receive calls. The device will not allow me to discard the obviously incorrect one. It also automatically selects it when restarted.