Missing phone. says delivered no where to be found

so i have been checking tracking once a week because of all the delays then i check and it shows delivered??? where? was never delivered to my house at all. i work from home right now and am here every single day when mail is dropped off and get the mail right away. also the day this says “delivered” i DID get other packages that day but not the 2e. so i call dhl first. they tell me well it was delivered by usps so to call them. i call usps over an hour on hold they tell me it shows delivered… well duh thats what i just told her. so she says are you sure its not in the mailbox (lol) um nope. could a neighbor have it she asks me??? nope. ive already asked them and we all know each other here and are very good friends they would have walked it over if so. so she says we will send someone out to talk to you. i wait till they are supposed to be here no one comes out. i call again. another 45+ min on hold. another lady says well all we can do is put a tracer (or something like that) out for it and see if we can locate it and she says to call dhl again. so i call dhl. they again tell me i need to speak to usps or call the shipper. i looked for a number for teracube cant find one so i sent 2 contact messages via the web site and heard nothing back at all today but not sure how long it takes to get a response. my husband ordered a two pack also on his indiegogo which are supposed to be here tomm let’s hope but the one i ordered on my indiegogo is now missing and my younger daughter has no phone (which this was supposed to be part of a christmas gift since these were supposed to ship by christmas originally) tracking number is HKACZESHK32450780. what do i do now? how can i get this resolved. are these insured and if so through who and how do i get this phone or a refund? can someone get with me? the email for the indiegogo is the same as im registered here with. this is VERY frustrating and ive been now on the phone for nearly 4-5 hours altogether. thank you for any help anyone can be i just dont know where to go next with this. also sorry if this is in the wrong place i was not sure where to post it.

DHL sent my packages to Illinois and I live in CT… Allegedly being rerouted to CT as of yesterday.

right but this says it was delivered somewhere in the town i live in. and neither usps or dhl have any clue where it went. we did get the other 2 my husband ordered from HIS indiegogo he bought the pair deal but the one single one i bought is no where to be found. and it sucks being a late christmas gift and her first phone. she is very upset.

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear about the failed delivery. I checked and it seems my colleague Mark has been exchanging emails with you. I do not want to give any details here since this is a public forum. I will however respond to the emails and we can take it from there. Please be assured we will get this fixed one way or another.


@Sharad Maybe you should punish DHL by taking their cookies away. Just saying.

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thank you for the help. ill be awaiting your next emails. i do appreciate it!!!

STILL NO REPLY after your first email??? I sent 2 more emails yesterday asking for any updates at all and now ill ask here. i have heard nothing since you emailed me the other day about this. the email said 1-2 days someone would let me know. please get back to me. thank you

Hi, there - we have replied to your email today - please check.

i did see it tonight. thank you. i dont mean to be a pain but an 11 year old girl is super sad her first “real” phone went missing and of course we want to get it taken care of for her im sure you understand. i appreciate the help!


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