MMS issue on Lucky Mobile (Canada)

I am a Canadian on Lucky (Bell) and I am having this same issue. I can only receive photos when data is turned on and if data is turned on my phone just eats all of my data, despite having an excellent wifi connection. I didn’t have this issue at all on my previous phone on android 10, the pictures were always just there. I turned the setting to view MMS without data on, but with that on and data off the pictures just endlessly try to load. I have to have that off and use data to view them. And now that it used all my data in three days, I can’t view them at all unless I buy more data.
It also gives me a warning that every number is a premium SMS number for some reason.
I am using Sim 2 because Sim 1 just wouldn’t work at all.
I just got this as a replacement for my previous, which seems to have been a lemon. I can’t tell if this one is also a lemon, if it is from updating to android 11, or if it is because the Sim 1 slot is non-functional.

I am not an advanced user and I am finding this phone so endlessly frustrating I would like to throw it off a building, so sorry if I am being short.

Hi @JaimeEatsMusic, you may need to update your APN. Can you try the Android settings from here - Access Point Name | Support | Lucky Mobile

Hey Sharad! Thanks for the response. I do not have the option to add a new APN or edit any of the existing ones.

Best wishes,
Jaime Gatner-Schmidt

Found this discussion on luckymobile forums. Got reminded that MMS needs mobile data to work. So your experience is as expected.

You can keep both wifi and mobile data on. So regular data applications will use WiFi. But MMS needs mobile data to work even when wifi is connected.

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