Mobile internet not working

This did not work. i still do not have access to the internet while away from home. Only calling and texting works. internet and games are not working. Just keeps saying offline.

This could be a wireless carrier configuration issue.

Could you share your city/country as well as the wireless carrier you are using. Also - did you have to add your wireless (APN) settings or was it automatic configuration when you put in your SIM?

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sherman texas / USA att. i don’t remember if i had to put in the apn settings or not.

Hey Mike,
I just got off the phone w/tech support from my retailer and all’s good with mine now. My sim is 6 yrs. old and didn’t have a choice to choose from. Walked me thru adding the new settings and presto!

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Could you post screenshots of your APN settings. Go to Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names. Tap the selected APN and take screenshots of everything by scrolling.