I was working on my car and had my phone beside me. I may have pressed something, unintentionally. Now my phone is in black and white. I googled and found that it can be a developer option setting but I checked and that is off. (Simulate color space: Disabled)

I have rebooted and it’s still black and white. The initial boot splash screen was color but android is not.

Please tell me this is a setting and that my phone’s not broken.

You might have enabled Grayscale mode (or bed time mode) by accident. Look for it in Quick tiles (double swipe down from the top). There should either be a Grayscale tile or a Bedtime tile. I have a Bedtime tile (Moon with starts) in this attached screenshot.


Well thank you. That’s all it was. I always have to make things more complicated! :roll_eyes:

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