[Murena eOS] After Update to Zirconia/Android 12 - Message app shuts off after selecting a contact to msg

I just did a software update to Android 11 today and once complete, when I select the msg app to send an SMS, I select a contact and then the app closes. I also have a similar issue with the App Lounge - start an app search and after a few seconds it gives me “Timeout fetching applications! Some network issue is preventing fetching all applications” notice and closes.

I noticed another update was available to Android 12 so I did that update to see if it fixed the issue. It didn’t.

Is there a quick fix to get these apps working?

How can I uninstall Android 12 and 11 and go back to Android 10 that was working fine?


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You’re saying App Lounge, so I’m thinking you’re using /e/OS by Murena, correct?

Can you please verify the release version? You can find it in settings right at the top of the list under Update.

Hello Saijin,

Yes, Murena. I have attached a screenshot of the version for you.

Today, I found that I could reply to a text in the notification box but couldn’t do follow up text msgs or use the message app without it stopping as soon as I made a section.

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks very much,


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The /e/OS Messages app is a fork of QkSMS, which I love, but it predates Android 12 and has not seen development in a few years.

You could perhaps try Simple Mobile Tools SMS Messenger, if you want to stay away from Google Messages: