Murena (eOS) status for Teracube 2e (as of Sept, 2023)

Both Zirconia (2020) and Emerald have build parity and are current running eOS - 1.14.2 (Android 12)

Your phones should have been updated automatically. Here are the build download pages for manual upgrade option:

Zirconia page - /e/ image ROM download
Emerald - /e/ image ROM download

Issue trackers
Zirconia eOS issues
Emerald eOS issues

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Has anyone noticed performance improvements with eOS as opposed to the stock Teracube 2e builds? If so I might take the plunge. I believe I’m running Zirconia.

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Hmm… I never tested them head to head, and I only have one each of Zirconia and Emerald so it can’t be true 1:1, but each update that increases Android major version has been improving performance for both units, and /e/ performance is great by my non-rigorous testing, so I don’t think you can go wrong unless you know that /e/OS or MicroG don’t support an app you need to use.

What’s the recommended backup method for the stock OS? Do I need to root the device ?

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You can’t really directly restore a backup from stock Android to /e/, so you should manually copy any important files off first and ensure other things like contacts and calendars are in cloud-backed providers.

Install instructions are here:
Zirconia: Install /e/OS on a Teracube Teracube 2e (2020) - “zirconia”

Emerald: Install /e/OS on a Teracube Teracube 2e (2021) - “emerald”

Terracube 2e has been updated to e/OS 1.14.2-s
NO COMPLAINTS :slight_smile: :smile:

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v1. 15 should be out now, too! Give it a shot :nerd_face:

If I do, I may have reason to complain. :grinning: As I wrote no complaints; yet.

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