My 1st emergency alert

My 1st emergency alert came in Sunday June 20! it has a flashing red triangle and shows: “Emergency alert Dec 31, 1969 6PM
National Weather Service: TORNADO WARNING in…”
so. Any reason why it shows Dec 31, 1969 ?

Time machine?

I got that same alert about a month ago.

Could you share logs using these steps when this happens again.

i’m feeling like this phone may be too complicated for me. this phone upgrades an old phone. i’m still rather new to the tiny tablets everyone calls a phone now a days. I don’t get alot of ‘emergency alerts’. I followed instruction to get into…developer (mode was it). does it now stay in developer mode? or do i have to follow all those steps again?
i’m struggling to understand my ‘owners manual’. i still have not been able to use my phone as a hotspot. it was easier on the old phone.
i managed to get a screenshot of it- will sharing that be helpful at all?

the developer mode stays on once enabled.

You can share the screenshot in a new thread or directly to me as a PM.