My 2e is Here and Working Great

I got my 2e today and have done the basic setup, have checked gps, bluetooth, wifi and could not be more pleased. All work well. Only difficulty I’ve encountered is that when I put in my microSD, I was only given the option of using it as removeable storage, but I know that that is a known problem with a solution coming. Thanks to the Teracube team for this great phone!


Same here. Got my 2e a few days. Using it for some LTE testing. Programmed my own SIM and got it working right away with my small 4G Amarisoft eNodeB and EPC setup. The Android version on it comes with Secure DNS on by default which I could easily turn off for my testing. Next goal is to get multicast (eMBMS) into it

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Hi Raoman,

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I received my first T2E and just completed the set up. I must say I do love it so far. I am using it with Google Voice until I decide what new carrier to use. I’m leaning toward Mint.

One little note so far @Sharad, it would be nice if the device would use the micro SD card as expanded storage, not as portable storage. Is this hardware or software controlled?

Just FYI - here is a compilation of working wireless carriers in the US.

This feature is being discussed in the below thread. It is controlled in software. We will consider adding it in future SW updates.

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