2E Micro SD Card Specs

When I installed my microsd card it said it was only available for portable storage. I assume that’s because there is an expected speed rating with the card required for it to be usable as a system card. The card I’m using is a 64gb SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC V30 U3 yet it still only reconizes it as extra storage. Any thoughts on if it the card or an installation issue?

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After reviewing my post on another thread and testing my self, this is actually a software issue you guys need to address.

Once you have enabled the developer options as suggested by this reference:

You should have a button when reviewing the storage section of the App Info to then move the app to the SDcard. However, you guys do not have this object in your code, so when you go to that page, the option just isn’t there. It is likely it can be added to the app config and then moving items would work.

Additionally, it seems for some reason you guys forgot to toggle the option to allow the sdcard setup app to be able to format as internal storage, I believe this is also something that can be changed from the SDK on your side with a few changes to how the app for sdcard setup is configured.

Without that, it would seem regardless of the app used, you can’t move any application to the actual SDcard.

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Thanks, @TheLinuxBug for the detailed info. I’ll investigate this with the team and revert back with our findings.