My phone hasn't had any updates since I first got it, a year and a half ago

My phone has had some serious bugs since I had the phone. I periodically check to see if there’s any updates and according to my phone, there aren’t any. Ever since I got my phone no updates show are available, and I’m running Android 10, build number Teracube_2e_16. I’ve had my phone since May 2021. I seriously doubt there have been ZERO updates since then. All carriers and makers have at least 1-2 updates a year.

Help! lol

Hi @MyTrizzle - please install the stable 11.0.4 update from here. We plan to release it OTA soon.

whelp, apparently that doesn’t matter anymore because my phone’s screen came right off the moment I removed the back to see what version of the phone I have (2020 btw). Crap

Sorry about that - please contact us asap to get a repair/replacement going.

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