My Thoughts on the Teracube 2e

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the phone. This is my thoughts after having heard about Teracube a few times and just checking it out in the past few hours.

I really like the idea behind the 2e. The removable battery really appeals to me as someone who is starting to see degraded SOT on my Pixel 3a XL but am afraid to have the battery swapped because the screen seems really easy to break during the repair. I like that the community is working on LineageOS for the phone. I run my phone with no google and no MicroG either. I will not even consider a phone until a Lineage ROM exists.

Things I am not a fan of would have to be the Mediatek processor scoring a ~140 single-core and ~830 multi-core score on geekbench 5. My pixel 3a XL was released in 2019 and scores nearly double on the single-core test and makes me seriously question how long the phone will be usable before becoming seriously irritating. The phone works on T-Mobile and AT&T but is missing major bands. As an example the phone is completely missing TDD B41, FDD B66, and FDD B71 which T-Mobile uses for speed and greater coverage. The absense of these bands makes it a hard sell. It is missing AT&T bands too but I don’t know them as well. The next device should seriously look at going with Qualcomm as they are a better known quantity and will likely be easier to support with ROMs in future. Otherwise a higher tier Mediatek processor with better band support should be considered.

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Thanks @davidbtc2009 for your suggestions.

@Sharad You are welcome. I am quite interested in this project and will be following it as a future possible phone. The project is very interesting and i very much want to see it succeed. Some small amount of marketing may not be a bad idea either.