New phone case doesn't let google pay work

(Sorry for long post)
So I really like the new case so far good texture and grip the buttons are a little too hard to push but I’ll get used to it . One if the main reasons I got this phone was for it’s Google pay feature it’s been great so far and my place of work has wireless pay and I really like not having to carry my wallet around so this helps a lot. But now with this new case I can’t get any sort of signal from my phone’s NFC antenna I don’t know if it’s the thickness or the material it’s made out of. And I’ve tried resetting the Google pay settings to see if that’ll do something but nothing so far. Is there some way that yall can boost the NFC signal in an update if that’s thing (I’m not tech savvy). Would also want to know if anyone else is having that problem yet.


I’m able to read NFC tags - however have not tested with Google pay. You might have to bring the phone closer and orient the tag close to the spot on the phone (0.5 inch below the fingerprint sensor).

Anyone else able to test with Google pay?

I’ve done that several times with no success but have taken off the case with immediate response. The only solution so far is to just remove the case every time I use google pay but that just defeats the purpose.

Nevermind, I forgot that I have metal plates in the phone case for my magnetic phone mount in my car and realized that it was blocking the signal. So I moved the plates a little lower and now it works perfectly. My bad