New phone won't send all texts, settings say 2G and 3G are only options

Hi, I’m not getting good data using T-mobile through Tello. They say to choose 4G in settings, but the phone only offers 2 and 3G. Missing half my texts, no connectivity for driving maps navigation… what can I do?

Most likely the APN settings are not working. Could you please add a new APN with the following settings:

Thanks, Sharad,

I put in the first version, but no luck. Should I try the Main or Alt versions?

Hi @JanetCWhat - yes please try other versions as well. Here is what you can try:

  1. After you add an APN, try airplane mode and back to see if it works. If not, reboot the phone and check again.
  2. APN settings are case-sensitive. So enter everything as it is mentioned on these websites.
  3. If no APN settings work, then please reach out to their customer service as well.

Another user had reported success with Tello. I’ll reach out to see if they can help.