New Radio Solutions: BLE and LoRa Mesh Networks

It seems that traditional voice solutions using GSM and CDMA are being replaced with WiFi and 5G data. Is there a demand for mesh network solutions like BLE and LoRa which provide basic communication to neighboring phones when out-of-range of WiFi and 5G? I think this is another differentiator for teracube to consider.

Hi @rhmclean - welcome to Teracube forums. That seems an interesting idea for local communication (similar to walkie-talkies). Not sure about the demand though. I have heard Apple integrating UWB into their phones. Maybe that would see a use like this.

I wasn’t aware of the UWB. Now that I know about it, I need to research it more. I think mesh networks will help relieve the requirement for increasing numbers of towers and could eliminate the need for in-home communication via WiFi for applications like video casting.

Thank you for the welcome!

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