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Hello, I just purchased my first Teracube phone and waiting for it to ship now!(very excited)

I just had a question regarding how much of the phone is actually manufactured in the U.S.?
I want to try and promote both right to repair ideology as well buying things that are manufactured in the U.S., thank you very much for anyone who can answer.

Hi @Cory_Kimmel - welcome to the Teracube forums and thank you for purchasing our phone :heart_eyes:. As of now, the phone is fully assembled in China. There are thoughts to move it to US/Mexico in a 4-5 year timeframe depending on volumes and other projects.

Thank you for the reply.

I’ve worked in factory my entire life as well just a general knowledge seeker of manufacturing, so I understand the difficulty as well as cost of assembly in U.S… I appreciate everyone at least giving it a thought. I’ll try my best to support Teracube.

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I’m new to Terracube, I looked at cell phones for months and decided to try Terracube, since this is my first smart phone. I have a 3G Pantec Renue that I have loved for years and wish that it was still made in 4G, it’s the best phone ever.

So I bought a Terracube 2 weeks ago, paid for it, but it NEVER ARRIVED.
I gave my accurate address to Terracube but when it arrived at UPS, there was no address on the package, so UPS returned it to Terracube. So I have no phone.

I have emailed Terracube and called Terracube and messaged Terracube for days but there is NO response. So I’m thinking that if a) the company is that incompetent, and unaware of an order status, and b) it’s this hard to reach any customer service, and
c) there are so many problems with the phone design and functioning as per all these topic threads… then I have made a major mistake in buying Terracube.

Meanwhile I will be without a phone as of tomorrow since my 3G will die.
I no longer trust Terracube to have a reliable product that won’t have problems or to be reachable when I have needs or problems. Are all cell phone companies this bad?

It makes more sense to just buy a phone from ATT so I can go to the corner store and get a phone.

Hi @Moon1411 - I’m sincerely sorry for your experience. All our orders ship within 1-2 business days arrive as predicted. Same with our customer service, all our emails get replied to within 24 business hours. There is a slight chance that your email went to the spam which ideally it shouldn’t.

I would really like to diagnose what went wrong with your help. Could you please PM me (private message) - your order number. I’ll check out what went wrong. I’ll also request you to give us a second chance if its not too late.

I used every possible form of contact.
I called the Terracube ph. number for 3 days and left many messages. No asnwer.
I emailed Terracube. No answer. I tried Terracube chat. No answer.
Finally I joined this forum and left a message here today.

I have no idea how to PM you, and I’m worn out.
I couldn’t find an order number, so had to look everywhere, and finally found it at the top right of the confirmation email, but it was hard to find, not well placed.

You’ll have to tell me how to PM.
It’s unlikely that I will want to stay with Terracube. Too many problems.

Click the icon, yours would be the M inside the circle, and a small window will appear. Click the message box, and that will allow to Private Message anyone on the forum

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