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Hello, I’m receiving a new Teracube phone and would like to know what I need to do to maintain my phone, keep it updated, and any recommendations people may have when beginning.

I’m a security engineer and developer, so I understand how difficult it is to make a product like this. I appreciate the team for putting in the effort towards making a viable solution and also the courage of the business to keep going despite crazy demands and delivering this platform to so many customers. I really have no idea how you all manage with how incredibly competitive the market is.

Honestly, I was waiting out for Fairphone, but I don’t think it’s ever going to reach the US market. Last week my phone broke, and so I bought this as my replacement.

I like that I can repair my phone. Being a Motorola owner for a long time, I liked Motorola for similar reasons until they began designing software that infringed my user rights (like pre-installing TikTok). I look forward toward using a eco-conscious brand instead, though I understand there might be rocky bits that I might not be expecting. But that is the challenge of developing software for the same hardware instead of building new hardware all the time.

I think I will use the Android base for sometime. I know a lot of people use e, but I need to have a functioning phone. How can I ensure that I have the latest update for the image?

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Glad to have you on board with us.

You already preempted my questions about what version you have, but really, to keep the base Android image up to date with a stable release, you just need to use the TeraCube Updater function within the Settings app under System. You can search the top menu bar for it.

There isn’t much to tune by way of options other than update check interval and whether or not you fetch over Wi-Fi only.

There is a local update option that will load an image from disk, but this is mainly for pushing non-OTA builds like Alphas or Betas.

I have /e/OS v1.8.1 on my TeraCube 2E (Emerald, 2021 release) and I quite enjoy using it. Hopefully you check it out when it seems like it will meet your needs better. The only rough edge I’ve hit personally thus far is my bank’s app doesn’t work, but from what I gather, that isn’t terribly uncommon, unfortunately, and I might be able to make it work with a bit more tinkering. I use my 2E as a secondary/testing device, so my One runs our regular Android 10 release for “production”.

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Hi Saijn, thank you for the invaluable information. I’m curious about /e/OS, but like you, I’ll use my Android for “production” at the time. :slight_smile: I’ve been reviewing some threads and noticed that the plan for after Android 12 is to stop supporting Google OS and switch to Lineage OS. I think that’s a great idea. And I look forward to using this device for hopefully the next 4 years.

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