New waterproof T2e phone case?

I want to buy a waterproof phone case for my T2e. I shotblast with s230 steel shot every day, all day, at work. The shot gets everywhere: stuck to my cell phone speaker and microphone (magnets), and on my person, everywhere, despite my best efforts.

But, the CellEver waterproof case for my Iphone7 is the first phone case that keeps shot from infiltrating that phone.

What are my options for my T2e? Are there other phones with the same dimensions as the T2e that I could buy their phone case to disguise and protect my beloved T2e?

Do you know? Hello? Is there anybody out there?!

Waterproof universal phone cases are… eh, there is no polite description for looks or function. But, the universal phone cases do float on water, it says so.

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Hi @IMRE - there are no current plans to work on a waterproof case.