NFC with Freestyle Libre sensor

Hello there, are there any more diabetics using the Freestyle Libre sensor to monitor their glucose levels?
I am using the Librelink app for this purpose. The NFC on the phone communicates with the app and displays glucose levels. My previous phone, HTC U Ultra, detected the sensor really quickly. Now I get an error 2 out of 3 times and the NFC is really slow

As much as I wanted to use the Teracube (I purchased two of them), I have passed it off to my son. It won’t work with the Freestyle Libre, I am going back to my OnePlus 7. I spent hours trying all the work arounds, they didn’t help.

Cakin, customer service from Teracube found out for me that there are not a lot of smartphones compatible with the Freestyle Libre sensor. There are only 6 or so android phones that are supposed to work. My previous phone, the HTC U Ultra is not on the list. But it has worked until now. I am going to start a new sensor in 2 days, try to get it working with the Teracube. If not, I’ll switch to the Abbott reader. Too bad to be carrying around another device…

An update: I’ve started the new sensor with the app on the Teracube. Now I am getting less errors, about half of the time I can get a sensor reading in one try. Every scan takes about 10 seconds, much longer than with the HTC. But it is working.

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