No data connection on Consumer cellular

Consumer Cellular is my carrier. When away from my wifi connection, the phone service doesn’t “step in.” Example: in car, I want an address for BiMart, type it in - get “no data connection” message. Called CC. Two answers, 1, they’ll send another SIM, and 2, more dire, “some phones just aren’t compatible with CC.” Suggestions please. vsb

  • Did you have to create an APN for them?
  • Is “LTE” symbol showing on your wireless signal (when wifi is off/disconnected)?

Is Consumer cellular working for anyone else?

Trying to order a SIM - they need a PIN for my credit check it seems. Will try again tomorrow.

APN is ATT nextgenphone, apparently they did it (I didn’t).

OK, solved by a marvelous Consumer Cellular employee named Margie. She walked me through the long process of programming that CC should have done but didn’t. When one calls CC to say they have a new phone, one has to STRESS it’s a non-CC phone, and give them the IMEI #. They then will hopefully program the SIM correctly. Margie suggested that Teracube (that’s you) might want to get on their list of phones they sell (in your vast free time.) It could be a good future move - highlight the locally-sourced aspect. CC started in Portland. Anyway, many thanks. I like this phone! Viviane

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Nice to hear that the data is working for you now. Could you give some details on what were the steps that you followed with the tech on the phone? Did you have to do anything or was it all done on the carrier’s end?

And yes - we will attempt to connect with Consumer cellular.

Here’s the screenshots of the APN changes. I entered the info she gave, after she activated the SIM. There may be more but that’s what I remember now. I’m a forester so wasn’t paying attention to the protocols. Viviane

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Thanks . Could you post 1 more screenshot below APN protocol. That has the “Bearer” field information.

The fields I skipped weren’t changed, vsb

Great - thanks a ton :+1:.