No Emergency Alerts

This morning there was an earthquake not far from where I live. My wife’s phone (Nexus 5X) received an emergency alert with details about the event, but mine (Teracube) did not. I would like to receive these alerts.
I thought this might be controlled by a setting. When I searched settings for “emergency” there was an entry called “Wireless emergency alerts”. That sounded promising, but when I choose it, I’m taken to a screen titled “Advanced” that includes settings like Group messaging, Auto-download MMS, etc. but nothing called “Wireless emergency alerts”. The only thing that looked like it might be related is “Service messages”, but that one is already turned on.
Is there something else I need to do to receive these emergency alerts?



We are looking into this and will report back here.


Hello, Following for an update on this given the volume of these alerts going out in the past week. Is there any additional guidance on this?

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Hi there,
Apologies - somehow this had fallen off our radar. I too noticed this when our friends’ phones had multiple alerts recently.

We have taken this up again with Mediatek. Can’t promise something immediate - but we should get it in our Android 10 build or an update after that.