No SD Photo storage?

I’m not seeing any options to save my photos to my SD card. & really not liking no built in photo gallery just defaulting to letting Google to my pics. Am I missing something?

Hi doesn’t seem to be an option at the moment as my previous phone didn’t have an SD card I didn’t even think of this till you mentioned it. Maybe a feature to ask for in the future.

I think that Google Photos IS the built-in photo gallery.

I have installed Open Camera (additionally) and it did have an option for location of photo storage. So I think that another camera app off of the Play store would work.
(although you are right the default camera app should have the option too!)

Coming from a Samsung S+, I am finding lots of little differences in software that catch me by surprise, because I have come to take them for granted (from Samsung and from custom ROMs on rooted devices). and had assumed many were general to Android

I agree, I would like the option in Camera Settings to save photos to the SD card. Please add that to the next update?
I downloaded a simple gallery from the PlayStore that organizes all photos by date or name which is easier for me than however Google Photos does it.

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Hi it took a lot of searching but found a camera app that will allow u to save directly to an sd card!
Has a ton of options no stabilize even thought it claims to have (I’m sick right now so may have missed) I couldn’t find it. It seems to takes good photos even with out stabilize with back camera (I am far from expert so good for me) never tried the front camera. It has a setting to save directly to SD card.
If need help I will try my best too

Here is the link sorry took so long so many things on the go.


I have had this installed and using successfully!
I haven’t been taking advantage of the many features, but it does save to SD.

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