No Wifi nor Bluetooth after installing /e/ OS on my brand new 2e

Yesterday I installed /e/ OS on my brand new Teracube 2e. It all went smoothly and it boots into /e/ without any problem… other than the fact as soon as I unlock the screen I get “Bluetooth keeps stopping” errors and I’m unable to turn on Wifi at all, making it pretty useless :frowning:

I was really looking forward to using my 2e and /e/ OS and so now I’m left somewhat disappointed and unsure what to do next :frowning:

I’m really hoping that at some point soon an update will resolve these issues. I can’t use a phone without Wifi and Bluetooth!

  1. Can you try a factory reset.

  2. If that doesn’t work, then maybe a step went wrong/missing. You could repeat all installation steps.

  3. Also do ask in their forums as they might be used to resolving such issues.

I have the same issue, sort of. I installed /e/ 0.17, it worked great. Then did an upgrade to 0.18, and had the bluetooth crash with no wifi. Went back to 0.17, it’s all working again.
Still trying to get my carrier to accept the imei …
Also, someone else sort of put in a bug report about this at Can't Enable Wifi On Teracube 2E (#1) · Issues · e / devices / android_device_teracube_2e · GitLab so they may possibly be aware of the issue

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Hey, I’m on the issue, will check it out and push the fixes onto our GItHub repositories at the earliest. It most likely is a kernel issue; will be getting back to the /e/ team as soon as possible.

Please do tag me if there’s an issue regarding /e/ and Lineage.


Great, many thanks @Gagan!

FYI, they don’t really have any further useful info, but here are a couple of related issues on the /e/ Gitlab:

Fingers and toes crossed you’re able to find and fix the issue ASAP - I was really looking forward to beginning to use my 2e and /e/ but cannot do so without WiFi and Bluetooth! :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I have a build ready - just needs to be tested as soon as possible. After that, I can ask the /e/ team to possibly release a hotfix.


Seems like WiFi is fixed - will check the rest and report


Great work @Gagan, thank you.

Is there some way I can help to test?

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Sure, but not right now, I’m thinking of having a small group of beta testers for LineageOS, /e/ and other ROMs if I get the time to develop for. Thank you for asking though! :smiley:

Also, all the issues are confirmed fixed. I’ll report once we have a hotfix in the pipeline.

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OK, well keep me posted I guess :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thank you!

I’m new to all this, do you have any idea roughly how long a “hotfix” might take? (and do you know if the fix will automatically be available via software updates on my phone once it’s ready? or will be a re-install job?).

it will be a reinstallation mostly, because they will disable the broken update and push new source code and create another 0.18 build.
for support, you can join our OSS support group on Telegram: Telegram: Contact @teracube_oss

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OK, thanks. I assume you’ll notify us here once there is another 0.18 build to download from /e/? :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m not (yet) on Telegram so will leave that for now, and I didn’t find installation to arduous previously, but if I hit any issues I may join in the future! :slight_smile:

Yep, sure. Will notify.
Thanks for reporting the issue!


A hotfix is in the works, please do not use 0.18 that’s up on the server for some time, just so that the build can be pulled down

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Great, thanks, looking forward to it!

I assume you mean the 0.18 that was previously listed here:

I was going to say, surely /e/ should just remove it from there, but it seems that have done so :slight_smile:

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.18 OTA update is available. WiFi good and bluetooth audio working. Pleased. Thanks to all.


Great to hear, thanks for sharing @lesmoore . I note there is now a 0.18 available at /e/ image ROM download again so I guess that is the “hotfix” @Gagan mentions above?

Looking forward to giving it a test myself once I’m back where my 2e is…

seems like it sure is the hotfix xD

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/e/ now shows dev and stable branches for the 2e where prior only dev was listed.

I presume at some point the .18 fixes will make it to a stable version?

Does this make /e/ support for the 2e official and no longer beta?

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And I didn’t even have to reinstall in the end. Just downloaded the update OTA and updated and I’m now streaming my music from my server over wifi and listening on my bluetooth speaker :smiley:

Thanks @Gagan and everyone else involved in getting this sorted! :pray: