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The Teracube is my first Android phone, and it’s off to a great start settling into it. One of the things that I’m really missing from my iPhone SE is being able to use “Hey Siri” at all times. “Ok Google” seems to work only when the screen of the Teracube is on. From reading Google’s Android documentation it looks like that after about Android 8.0 that waking the phone up with “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” don’t work. However, I have two Android using co-workers who say that’s not true and they can use Hey Google at any time. So far, I haven’t been able to wake up the Teracube with an “Ok Google”, and I’ve dug around for settings that maybe I need to change to make it happen, but I’m at a loss.

Otherwise the OK Google works fine if the screen is already on. Am I missing something or is this just something that this phone or Android phones doesn’t do?

Unfortunately, this is an Android issue (has nothing to do with the phone specifically). I believe they did it this way for security & battery efficiency. If there is a work-around it will likely require root. I’ll look into it and come back, as it’s a feature I’d like as well.

This might help: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sapphire_project.screenwidget

The way I personally would use this app is to keep the screen awake while I drive, so I can use “OK Google” and turn it off when I don’t need it so it’s not eating battery life.

Okay, thanks for clarifying things for me and pointing me in the direction of a work around, if I’d like.

Other apps are usually called caffeine and are usually free and open source

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I use Android Auto app coupled with a Kinivo Bluetooth car kit. I think it makes “Ok google” work with screen off as well - will have to test again though.