One touch phone dialing?

Is there a way to create one-touch dialing on the teracube 2e? As in, the #1 dials home, etc?
I can’t find the info —
thank you so much.

Hello @Pat_Loeb,

I believe in Android 10 vanilla they instead expect you to use ‘shortcuts’. Once you have added a contact, y ou can open the contact, select three dots in upper right corner, click ‘Create Shortcut’ and then it will prompt you to drag it to your home screen or to let it automatically place it for you. Once placed, you can then click the icon on your home screen to call that number.

Hope this helps.


There may not be a way to do this in the default phone app on Teracube 2e (made by Google). As @TheLinuxBug suggested, you can make shortcuts on your homescreen to quickly dial someone (also available by adding a widget called “Direct Dial” under Contacts)

Another option is to use a 3rd party dialer like this one that I found on google search (disclaimer: we have not tested this app - use at your own risk).