One Year of Daily Driving

I wanted to post my experience since this is a small company and I took a risk making this my daily driver.

Purchased Teracube 2e in June 2021, my 2e has been my daily driver ever since running on Red Pocket GSMA and Iode OS.

-Heavily degoogled. The relief is palpable. I tried using stock android when I first got the phone and was SHOCKED by the complete capture by Google of the OS.
-It works! My 2e does everything I need it to do.
-Recent Software updates available from Iode OS (mid 2022)
-Battery still going strong
-I just acquired a new case and spare battery (Wow! I can get OEM parts a year later!)
-With the SD card slot, I never worry about running out of space.
-I was able to leverage the second SIM slot to help me maintain service during the great ATT 3G shutdown
-The stock images and source are publicly posted by the company.
-It has a headphone jack

-Sometimes the 2e feels slow due to hardware limitations
-Camera is only okay.
-The great ATT 3G shutdown caused considerable consternation, but ultimately resolved itself and I was able to keep my original carrier (Red Pocket). (a big PRO here was that the Teracube 2e was ALWAYS listed as supported by Red Pocket and I was able to get carrier support, also see the pro concerning the second SIM slot)

Bottom Line:

This is a fantastic device for the price and I’m impressed that the Teracube company survived the pandemic and continued to ship product and accessories.

I am VERY impressed by Teracube’s orientation towards delivering capabilities to the user at a budget price. Second SIM slot, SD card slot, removable battery (spare batteries available for purchase), publicly posted images/source. I have spent my time in the forums and I noted that Teracube’s technical support has been pretty awesome in the forums and for software. I noted that when deadlines were missed or when I was having problems with my phone during the 3G shutdown that the Teracube leadership was able to acknowledge the problems in a timely fashion AND provide guidance.

My phone hasn’t experienced hardware issues so I cannot vouch for the customer service on the hardware side.

Considering the ravages of inflation and the pandemic, this company knuckled down and delivered (even if they were sometimes late or delayed). I cannot say the same for many other companies.

@Sharad I wish you and your company continued success.


Thanks for sharing your feedback and support @Give_Me_Liberty :heart:.