Option to hide uninteresting icons in the status bar

After switching to Teracube from a OnePlus phone, one option I’m missing is the ability to select which icons I want displayed in the top status bar. I’m concerned with the Bluetooth icon in particular, but other people might want to hide other icons.

This is particularly relevant on the Teracube, since it has a notch which eats into the status bar real-estate, and that makes it really easy for these icons to “overflow” and get hidden behind the “more-icons-here” dot.

OxygenOS has section in the Settings app where they list all the possible icons that can show up on the right-hand side of the status bar, and the user can select which ones to be displayed (when active), and which ones to be always hidden. Would be nice to get something like this on the Teracube too.


I have used System UI Tuner app to hide Bluetooth icon. It claims to be able to do lot more - didn’t work for me for the other icons.

Thanks, this worked for me. Still, it would be good to have a first-party solution for this, so we don’t have to trust random apps (this one is thankfully open-source, so that’s not much of an issue).

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Thank you for the feedback - we will keep adding customization(s) to our Android build as we go along.