Pandora having connection issues with 2e

One user reported this via email. We tried it out and surely - the app starts out by saying “Waiting for connection. Try again?”. Retry does not do anything. And then bails out.

Checked on google - apparently lot of Samsung and Pixel users are having the same issue. See this thread on Pandora forums. Surprisingly it is working fine on Teracube One :face_with_monocle:.

Any 2e pandora users - please share your experience here. And subscribe to this thread (by clicking the Bell icon) for updates.


I can confirm that it doesn’t work o my 2e, with the same error.

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I thought I was the only one. I can also confirm that Pandora frustratingly does not work.

Can one of you report the Pandora issue on their forums please? And others can chime in as well.

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