Panoramic lens missing on current e/OS

Hi, I am in version 1.15. Since a couple update (I’m not sure excactly, I think in 1.13 it was already broken), the option to take pictures wiht a second lense, the panoramic one, has disappeared. I tried with OpenCamera (the default one) and SimpleCamera, where both I could use the panoramic camera.

Has anyone seen the same? What can I check to give you more info? Can you check if there is some drivers missing or outdated?

It looks something from software bug to me

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anyone with the same issue? is it only me?

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Have you been issued /e/OS v1.16 or v1.17 via OTA Update yet?

Can you get those and re-test?

If the issue persists, we’ll have to open an issue on the /e/OS Issue Tracker to see if they can fix whatever is going on in the ROM.

I am in 1.15 still. Upgrading now to 1.17. I’ll edit this message when finished :slight_smile:
EDIT: it’s back! thank you @saijin_naib and the maintainers team!! :grin:

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