Pedometer Error

I recently upgraded to a 2e phone. I had a Teracube One previously. Not sure if it makes a difference but I’m running /e/ OS on the 2e. I was running stock Android on my last phone.

When I downloaded the Noom app on my 2e I received an error message saying “Your device doesn’t support the system pedometer.” No such message occured on previous model phone. And I verified from a previous post that a pedometer is one of the specs included in the 2e. Not sure where to locate settings for this either.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @JGS - apologies for the late reply. Were you able to get any help on the /e/ forums about this?

Actually did not post there yet. Thought it’d be more of a hardware issue and not a software issue since it detects the physical movement of the phone.

Also thought to post here because I often had issues getting the pedometer on Noom to accurately register the steps from the system pedometer back when I had the Teracube One. Though I never got the above error message saying it was totally incompatible.

I’ll repost in /e/ forums and see if I get any bites.