Pela Compostable Phone Case

Hey everyone,
This morning a friend of mine, who I’ve told about Teracube and it’s goals, told about a company called Pela. Pela makes compostable phone cases with the goal of reducing plastic waste. Given the shared care for the environment and similarity of missions, I wonder if enough of us (and maybe even Team Teracube) were to reach out, we could get them to develop a case for Teracube. What do you all think?

-Wyatt Greenwood

What an awesome idea. I would definitely be interested…if the price was right. Since I purchased 2 teracubes, I would need 2 cases. How do we get this idea out to Pela?

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They have a form on their website that allows you to be notified when they have cases available for your device. I imagine if enough people were to subscribe to that and list Teracube as their device, they may eventually take notice. Additionally, I’m sure they could be reached out to via email to ask them about it directly. I know I will be doing so later today.

I signed up. This would definitely be a great option.

I found I can’t find a case for my phone model, what do I do?, but I’m not seeing anything else on their site.
Here’s a link to the page with the form.


Their radiation reducer and display protector also looks super cool. If they made a radiation reducer for teracube I’d buy it plus maybe the glass protection stuff

The Moto g7 glass protector fits mine arrived and I checked. Will post pics in general - under alternative screen protectors I think it is tomorrow.