Perspective From A Potential Future Customer


I just learned about Teracube, watched a review of the phone, and I really like your company’s approach! When it comes time for me to get a new phone, I would like to buy one. However, there are a couple of things that would likely prevent me from doing so, and I wanted to share them in case the company is successful enough to change a couple of things a year or two down the road.

  1. A smaller size option - I can’t stand large phones. I use my phone one-handed all the time, and the Xperia XZ2 Compact, which I have now, is the perfect size for the smaller phone market (in my opinion). I think all of Sony’s Compact line phones have been pretty much perfectly sized, so you could copy those dimensions. 70mm device width is the ABSOLUTE maximum in my opinion, with 60-65mm being much more preferable. If your company could offer a size variant in that range, I would much more strongly consider a Teracube for my next phone. And, to be clear, I would personally be totally fine with having a slower processor and only a 720p screen in the smaller size phone much like the old Xperia Compact versions did when compared to their big brothers! I’m NOT requesting a flagship-spec’d, full waterproof etc. small phone - just a REASONABLY spec’d small phone with an average camera!

  2. Front-facing speakers - I understand that, at this point, it may start to sound like I’m asking for you to have multiple different variations on your phone much like a flagship brand would to cater to various sections of the market. That is not the case, I personally think front-facing speakers are an absolute must on any phone - I think all the future Teracube models should strive to have front-facing speakers. Front-facing speakers make SUCH a big difference when you’re working on something outside with the wind blowing and watching youtube videos to figure out how the hell to fix what you’re working on, for example. They make a huge difference when you’re laying in bed watching a quick video before falling asleep. They make it easy to show other people cool/funny videos and have them actually hear it. I believe they are well worth their price in terms of user experience and value.

And that’s it. Those two things are the only things, as a potential future customer, that I care about that your phone doesn’t have, and I’m writing this because I think there’s a large enough number of people out there with similar tastes. The iPhone SE continues to be in Apple’s lineup after all these years, for example, although they refuse to add front-facing speakers to any of their phones. I believe front-facing speakers on all your phone models is something everyone would really appreciate, and one extra model aimed at those wanting a smaller phone would be excellent. I love everything else you’ve done with the phone and your branding.

Thanks for reading, I wish your company the best of luck in breaking through!

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