Phone dialer fails to retrieve names

As time goes on, the more I use my 2e and the more I use the dialer, the more chance that the dialer fails to retrieve names. What I mean by this is when you open the dialer and you start typing a name using the keypad, it retrieves contacts based on the numbers you enter. It tries to pull up names and numbers by your input.

However, this function randomly stops constantly. When this happens, it acts as if I don’t have any contacts anymore when I try to pull up contacts through the dialer. I have to either restart my phone or kill the dialer and restart it. Please fix this.

The default dialer is made by Google. Maybe there is a bug in there. You could try few things:

  1. Open Settings > Apps & notifications > Phone. Clear Storage.
  2. Check online if this is a known bug in their app. Sometimes uninstalling their updates and going back to stock version could help.
  3. You could try a different dialer app. There are few open source ones on Play store like Simple dialer.

I will try this, thank you.