Phone doesn't receive incoming calls, outgoing calls work

So this is my partner’s phone. About a week ago she noticed that her phone no longer received incoming calls over wifi or lte for the device’s phone app. She can make outgoing calls just fine on the phone app and can also make/receive calls on Signal just fine.

We’re quite perplexed and don’t know how to fix it. Any insight would be appreciated.

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Sorry for the trouble!

What carrier are you using?

ATT and its MVNOs can sometimes present with this issue, which can typically be resolved by toggling Airplane Mode or rebooting the device.

We’re using Ting, so a T-Mobile subsidiary.

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Do you know which Ting SIM Card class you have (X3 or X1)?

Here are the official APN settings, in case the automated ones do not match or are outdated:

You can also try disabling Voice-Over-Wifi, rebooting, and seeing how it behaves for the next day or so.

Thanks, I’ll relay and get back to you!

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Hi @213axelrod - if the issue is still not fixed, then I’ll suggest doing a reset of the network settings. Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset Wifi, bluetooth…

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Thank you! We’ll try out both proposed solutions. Just a matter of personal time to do so.

Good luck with this. Every teracube I’ve had since 2020, would require a restart every day or two because it would stop making and receiving calls despite showing full signal. Didn’t matter whether wifi calling was on or not. It would just decide it didn’t want to make or receive calls anymore until you’d reboot it. Incoming calls would just hit voicemail immediately.

Never found a solution beyond constantly rebooting the phone every couple of days.

Carrier was one of several T-Mobile MVNOs the whole time. Same issue regardless of who’s sim I had in the phone.