Phone rebooting frequently / freezing

Hi, I’m running beta 2 for 2021 version. Things were fine for a while, the usual known issues (no RCS, can’t use NFC). In the past couple weeks, though, the phone has started rebooting by itself, or will freeze (blackscreen) and can only be recovered with a reboot.

To top it off, the reboot cycle is loooong. Sometimes goes through Teracube main logo and green leaf then back to main logo and green leaf before it starts up.

I’ll often have “X has stopped working” messages as well, with the option to close app or wait. If I say wait the app seems to continue to be functional but I get the message again shortly after.

Apologies if these are separate issues.


Do you have any idea what your free space and battery health are like?

Battery varies when this happens, currently at 80%.

Storage at 33% used, 86.37 GB free.

Also sometimes it will not find my SD card; when I go to storage I see it listed twice (before Storage or Settings crashes). Reboot is the only fix I have found.

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I also have to reboot sometimes because of a black screen.

Waiting for Android 13…

I do shutdown a lot of background apps from time to time to feel a bit of freshness. So much of them and I didn’t even open them…


Unfortunately this sounds all too familiar as I am having very similar experiences with 13 Beta2.

I had the same SD Card experience where the SD Card would simply disappear and any apps or data that resided on the card be unavailable until the next restart (on rare occasion, it would take multiple restrarts before the card was recognized and access to the contents restored).
I also experience extended reboot times and thought maybe the two issues were related.
As a long term test, I removed the SD Card and did a factory reset. While there seemed to be some initial benefit, soon the long reboot (approaching and sometimes exceeding 5 min) has again become the norm.

For the black screen problem, I noticed that the phone is still responsive and often the screen’s backlight will turn on. Though the screen stays black, I can unlock via fingerprint and with the auto-rotation option enabled and a little luck that the opened app of the now unlocked phone is responsive to screen orientation changes, the transition between horizontal and vertical will turn on the screen and things get back to normal. The trick doesn’t always work but does save me from a few reboots.

Finally (and this post is getting a little too long) my poor T2e really struggles when I’ve got Android Auto and Waze and an audio streaming app on at the same time… That’s A LOT for the beta release and somedays it works OK, sometimes it limps along as best it can and sometimes it gives up and takes a long reboot break.

That’s where I’m at.



Glad to know I am not alone, at least! :slight_smile:


Do you have AccuBattery Pro? It can estimate your phone’s battery health after a number of charge cycles. If your estimated health is below 80%, you should likely see some benefit to replacing the battery, at least where random shutdowns are concerned.

I purchased the phone in early March; I don’t have AccuBattery but should that already be a concern?

I can install it if needed.

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No, it should not be unless you charge your phone in excess of 10 times per day, or you got very unlucky.

Can you describe the resets in more detail?

More often than not it resets in my pocket - I only notice because I go to unlock it and get the prompt to unlock for data, and have to use my pattern instead of my fingerprint.

The times I have seen it, it goes to black screen and if I leave it, it restarts.

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Case on or case off?

Case on; I have only taken it out of the case when I was doing the initial setup. Sometimes it will reboot overnight, when the phone is plugged in and charging.

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Do you need to be running A13B2 for VoLTE/Connectivity fixes?

If not, it sounds like you might be better served by the stable releases and fully flashing back to stock for now.

Alternatively, you could check if Murena /e/OS is suitable for your interests/use-case and cross-flash over. That is what I use on my 2e emerald (2021x).

Yes, the beta build fixed my connectivity issues; I much prefer random reboots to no cellular data connection.
Does Murena e/os also fix connectivity issues?

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When on Zirconia 13 beta 2 while rooted, I found that running Greenify to hibernate the apps which I didn’t actually want running would basically solve my random reboot and slowdown issue. I could go a few weeks without any random reboots as long as I remembered to hibernate when I was going to set the phone aside. Seemed like the built-in background memory cleanup wasn’t doing as well as needed.


Thanks, I will give Greenify a try.


I can not speak to your exact carrier, but yes, Murena /e/OS v1.21 stable has a ton of VoLTE/4G connectivity fixes, though VoWiFi is still being fixed up.

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So far Greenify seems to have stabilized my phone; if that doesn’t last I will look at Murena /e/OS v1.21.


Please let us know.

Personally, I am super happy with current Murena /e/OS builds, especially since changes to MicroG mean that many apps that wouldn’t work properly, if at all in even recent builds like v1.19, now work perfectly fine.

But again, make sure it looks right for your usage :slight_smile: Not having the Play Store itself is a bit different, but I am finding I do not mind much. I can purchase via the browser and fetch them using App Lounge :person_shrugging:

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I’m also a fan of Aurora Store for handling Google Play Store bits, since it can sign into your Google account to access paid apps, do all the normal searching/buying, and it does a great job of not respecting the certification requirements. Not sure why their site is advertising the February release rather than the one this week, but…

Their site: Aurora Store v4.4.1 - Download Aurora Store Apk for Android
Through F-Droid for managed updates or second-party trust: Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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