Phone shutting down 'randomly' solved

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TLDR; look at the bottom.

The story begins.

So, my phone (T2e) was shutting down randomly, or, that’s what I thought.

It took a while to figure out what the problem was, like half a year. The problem went away for a few months when I changed the battery.
Last week, it came back.

I, thought, it had to be the case, because the phone shifting from side to side and that’s why the power button is getting pressed. Most of the time it happened when I put my phone into my pocket.

I switched cases with another T2e, which was newer. Ok, let’s try that… to no avail. Than… let’s just keep te phone out of the case. In the morning still in bed, dang it, it happened again.

And than, it happened, that eureka moment, haaa… It was not the case that I felt moving (although it did), it was the battery in the phone that was shifting from side to side. (Just shake your phone and you’ll feel)

So, I opened the phone and went, of course. I can just push the battery down and it loses contact with the pins.

My assumption is that a new battery gets a little bit squished after a while.

TLDR; the battery was moving in the phone and loses contact with the pins. I added some electrical tape to a side and the bottom. Now it sits snug.

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Thanks for the post @curiousAndreas. For other users who might be reading this post - if you are experiencing random reboots or shutdowns, a loose battery could be the culprit. A simple stuffing of paper or tape should make the battery tight in its compartment.

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