Phone won't show horizontal aspect

When I turn the phone from vertical aspect to horizontal, the view remains vertical. The camera mode shifts aspects when turned, but Gmail, Chrome browser, notifications, desktop, etc. won’t shift. How can I rectify this?

When you pull down you screen from the top

Look for a button that looks like a box with arrows mine is 5th from the left. If you don’t see it at the top like mine you will need to drag it open fully

If it’s not on this page swipe and it maybe on the next.
It needs to be the green to be on or it will lock the screen from rotating.
Handy in some cases.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the info; I found the icon, it was greyed out and
initially wouldn’t turn on. After I turned off the, “battery
saver” setting, I was able to reset it, but screen still won’t
rotate. Perhaps I have to locate some other setting to get it to

  I'm an older guy who had been legally blind for 30 years, but

just regained sufficient sight through surgery to warrant
purchasing a cellphone.

  Could have bought an iPhone, but thought I'd be greener going

with Teracube. I’m hoping that the Android 10 update will
ultimately clear up some issues.

Hi can you try restarting your phone. I had an app behaving badly (different issue) and a restart solved the problem

Will do, thanks. I have to say, however, every time I’ve
restarted the phone, it opens with a black screen and a variety of

  I shouldn't complain, though, I crowdfunded an ebike that took 2

years to be completed.

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Ok that seems weird should post that as that isn’t a normal start up. Unless you have some sort of anti virus? But black screen with tests not on all three of our families phones.

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Agree with @Frontpage32 - that startup experience is not expected.

@MAESTRONAUT - could you take a video of your restart/start sequence. If you can’t share the video here, then you can email it to

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Approximately an hour after I turned the battery saver app off, I
picked the phone up to take your advice to restart it, and
suddenly, the phone changed to horizontal aspect.

  I had written to Sharad about having the black screen and tests

upon startup about a week ago. At present, I keep the phone on and
recharge it every day or so.

Many thanks for your help.

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Your welcome glad it worked! Glad I could help!