Phones don't work

Good evening… Whats the odds of getting 2 teracube phones that do not work.

phone #1 will not boot. Goes to factory set up screen.
phone #2 i managed to set everything up, added it to my carrier (consumer cellular) and it wont stay connected to the network. Connects at LTE for 3 minutes, then completely disconnects and says its only available for emergency calls at 6 minutes. Would appreciate some assistance

Hi James - apologies for your experience. That is definitely bizarre.

Phone #1 : Could you take a picture of the screen.

Phone #2 : Can you call Consumer cellular support and check what could be going on? Consumer cellular works on T-Mobile and AT&T and hence should be compatible with Teracube.

If we can somehow get your Phone #1 to work, then we can test the SIM in there.