Photos look blue

I have taken a few photos with and without flash that appear blue rather than true color. Can anyone advise?

Thank you

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My first suggestion would be to try and get different camera app and see if they allow more color adjustment. It could be a few things, such as just the quality of the sensor, the settings in the driver, etc. As such, trying a different app that may provide better ability to tune that may help.

I wish I had one to suggest that might do that off the top of my head, but you should be able to check through the store and find some options.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Pat_Loeb - can you check some outdoor day photos as well? Want to make sure if they are on par with what we have taken.

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I searched on this because I just got my phones today and the one I opened to try has the same blue color tone when using the flash feature for indoor situations. Outdoor or no light the color is better but unless I use a tripod the image doesnt do well in digital zoom. Are there any known fixes yet? I figured I would try the phone waiting on the cricket update…

doesn’t seem to have a fix yet. All indoor photos with flash are blue. Weird!

Could you try the same scenarios with the Open Camera app to see if it makes a difference?


Tried with different camera apps my guess is the led is more of a blue white light didn’t matter color of object still came back with a blue tint

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Am I the only one experiencing blue tinted pictures?

Try OpenCamera to see if the behavior improves.


Seconded. I’ve been using OpenCamera for years (I’ve had a few different phones that weren’t Pixels) and it does a good job on the Teracube 2e. Much better than the stock camera app.


Moving your post to this existing thread to keep it together.

I can reproduce the issue easily. Any images taken with flash in slightly low light situations have that blueish tint. Found this thread related to Samsung Note 9 and even tried their solution of cleaning the back lens cover but doesn’t seem to work.

I’ll check with our software team on what could be potential solutions to this.